Celebrities Promotion

Techwise Ltd. has a vast celebrities network that offer numbers of experienced celebrities artistes, talents and models for promoting your projects through blogging. They are actively involved in many TVCs, Print Ads, Movies, Radio Programs, Promotion Events, Press Conferences, etc. Some of them took the position of public relation in many large enterprises, built strong relationship within both the entertainment circle and the public relations industry.

Plan A8 chosen celebrities
Plan B20 chosen celebrities
Plan C40 celebrities (15 chosen celebrities + 25 offered celebrities by Techwise Ltd.)
Service ContentService Details
1. Celebrities' BloggingTechwise Ltd. allow celebrities to promote your product through their bloggings to increases your chances of making an emotional connection with your customers. Seeing that celebrity can be an impressive and deciding factor that convinces a consumer to make the decision to buy
2. Celebrities' PhotosCelebrity endorsements can be a big advantage when your company trying to get noticed, debuting a product, or striving to get customers to learn more about your brand