SNS Management Service

We can help you to manage your Facebook/Instagram/Wechat Fanpage. Ever wonder the key to a successful fanpage? First of all, having numbered of fans is not enough; the key is to keep them engage to your page. There are various way to do that including updating your page frequently do fast and immediate respond to any fans enquiries and interact with your fans through comments and sharing. That’s why we are on mission to promote your fan page and make it to the top:

12 months PlanPlatforms(Instagram/Facebook/Weibo)
Plan A2 Platforms
Plan B3 Platforms
Service ContentService Details
1. Attractive contents to your target audienceTechwise Ltd can help generate wall posts and contents that appeals to the public and your target audiences, motivates them to re-visit and keeps on track with your updates
2. Posting at a sparkling timeBased on data and research, Techwise analyses you when and what Facebook user are most interested to a specific topic, also including when will draw the most traffic to your fanpage based on the user activity. Posting at the right time make people more likely to notice it on Newsfeed and therefore draws a bigger audience
3. A filter system to prevent harmful attackA filter system is an effective way to prevent those harmful comments to be publish without your permit. We could set up a blacklist for your fanpage and block all the offensive user and wordings and leave it for you to decide whether or not it’s appropriate to be seen on the page
4. Close fans interactionWe also offer fast response to your fans comments and keeps your page interact with your fans, they wouldn’t like it if their comment or sharing gone unseen and we can help you with that and makes them feels they are not ignored and create a friendly atmosphere between you and your fans therefore blasting your sales and business opportunity