EDM – Email Marketing

EDM – Email marketing is an effective method of promotion that can economically connect with target clients and optimally obtain sales results. Bringing your promotional messages to a large number of target audiences at a relatively low cost by Direct Email Marketing, Techwise Ltd owns an active database that could serve different purposes and fulfill different marketing objectives.

Fees are collected based on a per-delivery rate without contract terms, ensuring flexible coordination with various promotional strategies. Our Email Marketing (EDM) and Marketing Promotions:

E-mail Quantity
E-mail PlanE-mail Quantity
Plan A100,000
Plan B230,000 (1 blast)
Service ContentService Details
1.Import and Export of Contact Lists Customer lists can be easily added, deleted, or amended
2. Category ManagementCategorizes customer industries to better suit target customer groups
3. Returned E-mail ManagementInvalid e-mail addresses are automatically filtered to achieve high e-mail hit ratio
4. Repeated Customer List ManagementThe system will automatically record and filter repeated customer name lists to avoid repeatedly sending e-mails or resulting in creation of junk mail
5. Bilingual Subscription Cancellation FooterIncludes a link button that allows receivers to cancel subscription and decline future correspondence. In this way, the creation of junk mail and possible blocking can be avoided
6. E-mail Forwarding FunctionalityReceivers can forward e-mails to others. This feature can help expand your customer list
7. E-mail Transmission Time ConfigurationFlexible e-mail transmission times suited to the characteristics of target customers
8. Multilingual Content EncodingSupports for international languages
9. Online ReportsTimely reviews calculation reports
10. Usage ReportsTracks utilized amounts each month to balance marketing activity budgets
11. Subscription Cancellation LinkAll e-mails transmitted by Online Marketing include a link button to cancel the subscription. Receivers can opt to decline future correspondence and not receive relevant future e-mails